Simply put circling thoughts to sleep: this aromatherapeutic balm made from 100% pure essential oils soothes, relaxes and lets you gently drift off to sleep. Along the way, it activates the nightly skin renewal program.

Perfect sleep is the basic requirement for perfect skin.

This velvety balm with the aromatherapeutic BYNACHT® White Noise composition helps to lay to rest all the circling thoughts of the day, relieve tension and free the senses.

100% pure essential oils of vetiver, thyme and bergamot let you gently drift off to sleep - and start the new day refreshed the next morning.

In addition, the quality of sleep gained enables the body to activate its nightly skin renewal program - and subsequent BYNACHT® skin care products can also work even more efficiently.

The better you sleep, the better you look!


Apply on pulse points, under nose, onto chest, neck or on the soles of your feet. For external use only.

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