This über-efficient serum features a combination of 8 different types of hyaluronic acid as well as “intelligent” moss cell extract. Wake up with flawless skin like glass!

This revolutionary and outstandingly efficient facial serum features the world´s most innovative combination of 8 different hyaluronic acids: high and low molecular, medium-chain, liposomal and cross-linked types team up to form the most powerful formula for unmatched results – providing intense, precious hydration of all skin layers.

The Glass Skin Complex® features an unmatched combination of 13 highly efficient extracts with each of them contributing to a flawless, perfectly even complexion:

Pore refining barley and hop extract perform on and underneath the skin surface while intelligent moss cell extract contains biogenetical informations that boost cell metabolism and intra-extracellular transport in deeper layers of the skin.

Additional collagen, allantoin and chlorella protein “freeze” the aging process of skin cells, firming, lifting and plumping the skin overnight. Skin elasticity is restored, reparative nocturnal processes are activated, collagen production is significantly increased.

Experience outstanding nocturnal skin transformation and wake up with poreless, glowing and perfected skin like glass!

Wake up with skin like glass! Plumping serum with 8 types of hyaluronic acids for a clear, poreless and almost translucent complexion.

Wake up restored!

Apply a pipette length onto skin before sleep.

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