Delete + Treat Spot Mask


No need to photoshop those annoying skin imperfections, just Delete + Treat. This wonderfully healing mask and spot treatment reduces inflammation and absorbs surface toxins quickly to reduce the appearance of blemishes and rosacea.

This 90% organic formula can be used as an all over treatment mask to balance sebaceous activity, reduce inflammation, and leave the skin calm, cool, and collected.

Use as an overnight spot treatment for those unexpected breakouts. 

Pro Tip: Intensify antibacterial support by prepping the skin with Purifying Ritual before applying Delete +Treat Mask.  Use as often as needed, this mask will not burn, dry-out, or cause any  irritation. YOUR WELCOME.

Water, Kosher Glycerine, Magnesium Silicate, Monostearin, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Ionically Charged Beet Extract, Benzoic Acid Salts

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